Bonnet Seals

COBA manufactures a range of dynamic under bonnet seals, designed to fit to the front grill moulding, plenum moulding and engine cooling systems. We offer FEA analysis to prove out the product’s design, functionality, deflection force requirements and compression set. Multiple materials can be used along with non-stick coatings. Choose COBA for your next under bonnet seals project.

bonnet seals

Air Management Seals

bonnet seals air management seal

COBA manufactures a range of under bonnet seals which are used to manage air flow in the engine compartment area. Application areas include Dust Seals, Engine Cooling System Baffles or Active Grill Shutter Extrusions.

Materials are chosen to perform in the engine environment area with excellent resistance to heat, oil and other engine fluids. Choose COBA for your next under bonnet air management seals project.

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