10th September 2011

Quality Measures with Precision

COBA’s Quality Assurance Department has recently installed two new sophisticated online laser measurement devices, both capable of measuring precise specifications and tolerances for even greater customer satisfaction, efficiencies as well as scrap reduction.

The customer owned online strong style:
Profile360strong from Bytewise Measurement Systems has been introduced at COBA for the development of an innovative new automotive profile. This powerful non-contact device features multiple cross-check laser profile sensors to gather over 4000 measurement points. It characterizes the outer profile shape of an extrusion at least once per second, making it ideal for complex profiles.

Profiles are compared to CAD templates and displayed for the operator as a real-time optical comparator, just like 10x machines used in many extrusion shops. Key parameters are measured using virtual callipers that emulate micrometer callipers, then compared to control limits and displayed as real-time results, which are viewable as trend charts and reports.

Measurements are displayed with red, yellow and green backgrounds to indicate whether they are out or inside of the specification, or in the warning zone. Operators are alerted by the red and yellow status indicators to adjust the process to keep dimensions properly centred, thereby assuring compliance with dimensional quality standards. The laser is linked to the downstream punching machine providing a closed loop Poka Yoke (error proofed) process.

The second laser measurement device is used for the manufacture of medical tubing. The strong style: Extruline XY lstrongaser diameter micrometer used online features dual axis lasers for 100% diameter and ovality monitoring with tolerance alarm generation to ensure compliance to precise customer specification. The closed loop facility automatically stops the linked cutting machine to ensure 100% control of any non-conforming product. A statistical report of measured product dimensions is captured at the rate of a measurement every second.

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