23rd March 2008

All change for the better

Considerable work is underway as the team at COBA Plastics implement new work place organisation and control techniques widely recognised as 5S. This is the foundation for COBA’s lean manufacturing strategy.

“We have been working on our ability to become more flexible as a manufacturing operation with specific focus on set up and change over time reduction (SMED),” says Operations Director, Jonathan Atkinson.

“Although we have some way to go with our journey towards lean, the initial signs are that we are making progress. This is reflected in our Key Performance Indicators. Correct deployment of 5S will allow us to make more sustainable progress with other lean tools and techniques.”

The development of a secondary operations cell has also opened the doors to new business. Several new processes have been introduced to this area to give improved response time to customer needs in terms of prototype products and samples. Two new thermal fusion welding processes have also been developed and are now fully operational.

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