Moulded Components

Our impressive injection and overmoulding capabilities keep us ahead of the competition.

Our in-house R&D team support you in specifying materials and product design to achieve low-dimension tolerances and high tensile strength.

We’re proud to offer 2K injection moulding, allowing you to combine two types of plastic, or different colours within the same mould, reducing cost and streamlining the process.

We’ve designed a diverse range of bespoke parts over the years from simple reinforcement plates to support seat harness buckles and anchorages to complex, multi-component armrest structures and gaskets.


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Moulded Fasteners


Seating Moulded Components

Our moulded Clips, Pins and Fasteners are popular for securing fixtures throughout the vehicles interior. A range of adhesive tapes and coatings can be added to these products if required.


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Moulded Gapfillers

Our moulded and overmoulded Gapfillers are used extensively throughout automotive interiors. We can produce technically demanding parts from volumes as low as a few hundred, making us the ideal partner for specialist and limited edition automotive projects.


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