2nd February 2015

COBA Plastics Stores More with Warehouse Reorganisation

With the continued growth of our extrusions manufacturing business at COBA Plastics, our finished goods warehousing and raw materials store in the UK, have undergone some re-organisation to increase our storage capacity and improve our order picking efficiencies.

We have created a new aisle within the warehouse to accommodate additional racking. This new aisle gives us the capacity to store an additional 240 ‘standard’ pallets. Now that doesn’t sound complicated in itself! However, we needed to make space for the new aisle. To do this involved clearing and dismantling all but two of our existing rows of racking, then relocating and reassembling them. (We were in effect, making each aisle narrower.)

The project necessitated closing our warehouse. And there came the challenge not to interrupt production, or any services provided by our warehouse team. So we hatched a plan!

Our energetic COBA Plastics warehouse team and a group of contractors took on the challenge to complete the project, working around the clock over a weekend. They had just a 48 hour window to do it, which included refilling the racks again. It was a herculean task but ‘hats off’ to them, because in true COBA spirit, they rose to the challenge and did it!

This has not only given us more storage capacity, but we now have a much more user-friendly layout with specific customer-designated areas, increasing our efficiencies for picking and locating finished goods. Good for COBA Plastics, good for our customers.

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