26th July 2008

Tape on Lace Finisher for Jaguar

COBA has been working in partnership with Pilkington Automotive to produce an innovative wrap around glass component being used on the new Jaguar XF.

The ‘tape on lace’ finisher was developed for Jaguar to neatly fit around the top and side edges of the windscreen. It is made from a co-extruded TPV material with a wire insert to give improved material stability. The extrusions also have a UV primer and double sided tape applied in line. After the extrusion process is complete, the blanks produced have a mitre cut added to the ends to produce the correct angle prior to hotplate welding. During the welding process three parts are joined together to form the finished tape on lace finisher. The finished product also features an upstanding lip which effectively covers the side profile of the windscreen when fitted. This is the first tape on lace finisher to be manufactured with this lip in place.

“This is an entirely new process for COBA Plastics,” explains Chris Richmond, Business Development Manager, Technical Products “and we are delighted to produce the first tape on lace finisher which covers the side profile of the windscreen when fitted. This gives a much neater finish than traditional tape on lace finishers in the market today. It marks a new milestone in processing equipment for COBA Plastics as this is the first product produced using hot plate welding and in line priming and tape application.”

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