15th February 2019

First All TPV Moving Exterior Sunroof Seal Pack in Europe

COBA develops the first Exterior TPV Seal Pack in Europe for Moving Sunroof Applications

COBA Automotive (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce that we have achieved an industry first in Europe. We are proud to have developed the first exterior TPV seal pack in Europe for use on a moving sunroof application. The 11 component TPV seal packs are now in full production, and will feature on the new Toyota Corolla.

sunroof opening

These type of sunroof seals have historically been made from EPDM rubber. By working closely with our Tier 1 automotive customer, COBA ran multiple FEA and CAD simulations and conducted material trials to create a functional seal pack, that was in turn accepted by the OEM.

roof assembly

There are benefits associated with using TPV as a material for such vehicle applications. The parts developed and supplied by COBA are instantly over 20% lighter by material SG. In the case of the sunroof seal pack, further weight saving benefits were also created as a result of redesigning the seal cross sections, made possible by using TPV. This supports the drive towards reducing vehicle CO2 emissions, weight reduction and electrification.

By using less material and removing weight by design, COBA was also able to offer part cost savings on the seals.

roof assembly

As well as weight reduction and cost savings, the other benefits of TPV over EPDM include shorter production processes using less energy and manufacturing footprint.

“We are always proud to be a leader in our respective field and this project has been a really interesting one to be involved with. It is a good example of how our team at COBA Automotive can support the need and transition of alternative materials on the next generation of vehicles,” says Chris Richmond, Sales & Marketing Director, COBA Automotive (UK) Ltd.

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