1st April 2017

COBA Launches Self Drive Car Project

Did you spot it? Sadly, we can now reveal that the COBA’s first autonomous car isn’t in the works, and this was an April Fool. We really hope you enjoyed reading it though.

Over the last decade the world of self-driving cars has progressed at an incredible pace. It is widely believed that the move to autonomous vehicles represents the next stage in the automotive landscape. And that is why today we’re excited to reveal that, since 2013, COBA Plastics has been busy developing its own solution behind closed doors.

Designed and engineered in the UK, the RACE (Recycled Autonomous Car Ecosystem) looks set to re-define the market.

Using our expertise in thermoplastics, a concept car was initially developed that demonstrated that it was feasible to construct an automobile from 90% moulded plastic parts. Due to this wholly unique approach to component assembly, it is expected that production will be rapid in comparison to conventional car production.

Self Drive Car Project


The custom-developed all-electric motor is to be supplied by FülDim Automotive. Based out of Shenzhen they are fast becoming a lead player in a competitive market.

Testing the RACE

With the recent legal changes in the United Kingdom that allows the testing of automated vehicles on public roads, we can now reveal that COBA has been able to send the RACE out onto the road for real world testing since Summer 2016.

If you can spot the RACE driving around the East Midlands, don’t forget to tweet a picture with the hashtag #COBARace.



Connect Anything™ technology allows you to use the car how you want. Built on an open source API it provides many integrations and the flexibility to install your own. Default integrations currently include:

  • Spotify
  • Google Maps
  • Apple Music
  • Waze
  • iPlayer
  • Netflix

Biometric Security

Harnessing one of our latest plastic moulding technologies we have removed the need to carry keys. During initial setup you will go through a process of biometric scanning that links you to your vehicle – much like your smartphone.

Touchscreen technology

Stay entertained on route. The 17.5-inch touchscreen means you can access anything you need in the comfort of your own RACE ‘lounge’. Running our ConnectAnything™ technology you can access any of the in-built apps, allowing you to have a relaxing journey with music and entertainment at hand.


The battery has a range of 496 miles, and can be refuelled in as little as 60 minutes, making the transition from fossil fuel to electric easier that ever.

In an effort to provide the longest battery life of any autonomous car on the market we have teamed up with local solar panel innovators SOLARX who have developed one of the first paint-applied solar cells technologies. This allows the roof of the car to act as an additional fuel source without adding extra weight.


We have not only designed one of the most energy efficient cars in its class but one that is amongst the safest. Initial tests returned a score of 5/5 on the Euro NCAP rating. Every car will be connected to a national breakdown/emergency alert system, ensuring that help arrives on the scene of any incident within a target time of 20 minutes.


It is expected that RACE will be ready for full-scale production by Spring 2019. Please follow us @COBAplastics to be the first to hear of new developments.

Telephone: +44 (0)116 240 1555