Seat Trim Clips/Retainers

COBA Automotive is proud to manufacture one of the largest ranges of automotive trim clips in Europe with over 2000 approved parts. Our automotive trim clips offer adaptable fastening solutions for car seat trim. Primarily used as clip-and-lock systems to fasten covers securely onto the car seat frame, a huge range of shapes and types are available.

We design, prototype and manufacture bespoke clips for specialist applications often with custom plastic mixes and co-extruded materials. We can punch, laser and add print or sew marks onto our clips in-line saving time and cost, a number of value-adding operations are also available. If you are looking for trim with fleece attached or sewable upholstery trim then please click the link to learn about COBAflex®.

J Trim Retainers

The J retainer (also known as automotive trim Clip or Hook) is the classic automotive seat trim retainer. The fish hook shape allows the part to lock into place easily. We can create bespoke designs to match your application, even a small change can drive weight and cost savings.


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automotive trim clips J

Arrow Trim Retainers

automotive trim clips arrow

Arrow-shaped automotive seat trim clips that can be produced in a number of different variations, according to the car seat trim channel requirements. One-sided arrow shapes, double arrow shapes, or other common arrow shapes can be extruded in different materials and sizes to click easily into the trim channel.


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Squirrel Trim Retainers

Squirrel car seat trim clips are applied to achieve a sturdy and flat cover ending on the headrests of rear car seats. They help to define the trim line and provide added impact protection.


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automotive trim clips squirrel

F Trim Retainers

car trim clips f

F-shaped automotive trim clips (retainers) are primarily used as part of the backrest closing solution when clicked into certain J-shaped retainers. Bespoke ending shapes such as a sphere, or semi-circle are popular choices, and can be pushed directly into trim channels.


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U Trim Retainers

The U Retainer serves as an edge protector, and can clip directly onto metal wire. Commonly used on the under-side of the front seats, the U-shape makes it an ideal profile for bonding with a fleece flange as a COBAflex® part.


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car trim clips u

C Trim Retainer

automotive trim clips c

C-shaped car seating trim retainers are one of our more specialist fastening profiles, generally used to clip into another retainer, we offer C retainers in a range of material options.


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L Trim Retainer

L-shaped automotive trim clips work similarly to Barbed Strip profiles with the added benefit of providing a flat finish, making them ideal as an edge fastener.


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automotive trim clips l

Other Trim Retainers

automotive trim retainers

Some of our more specialist car seating clips are ideal for custom solutions. These include Barbed Strip, Stick Profiles, End Profiles and some flexible or folding trim retainers. Get in touch to see how we can help you develop a bespoke solution for your project.


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