Tie Down

Tie Down is one of our most popular product ranges, with hundreds of different types available. Used to securely fasten seat covers to the foam-wire frame and create accent lines and curvature, our  Automotive Tie Downs can be simply clipped into the trim channel or fastened with hog rings.

We offer beaded fleece profiles with a range of different plastic head dimensions – from oval and round heads, to triangle and square heads – and individual fleece flange widths. Both the fleece flange and thermoplastic profile can be printed, lasered, cut and punched in-line, reducing cost and providing an agile and versatile solution for every automotive seating project.

Tie Down

Floating Bead Tie Down

Floating Bead Tie Downs utilise a Double Retention fleece which creates a tunnel, encapsulating an un-bonded, flexible polypropylene inner core, providing additional versatility in seat cover trimming.

Our innovative design makes tight curves in a narrow radius easily achievable, and distributes tension evenly avoiding wrinkles in the seat cover. Floating Bead’s flexibility makes it ideal for longer, curved areas, such as the U-shaped contour on the backrest.

A selection of standard diameter cores are available with bespoke fleece flange widths and thicknesses to suit your model.

Wire Tie Down

Wire Tie Downs feature a wire rod inside a folded fleece flange. Bespoke wire diameters, fleece flange widths and thicknesses allow tailored fitting within the trim channel and clipping system.

Our quality, non-woven fleece material assures strength, stability and handling comfort. Wire Tie Downs are ideal for delivering comfort in seats with thin foams, and are much more resistant to ageing and heat, versus Floating Bead Tie Downs.

A selection of standard diameter wire rods are available with customisable fleece flanges to complement your seating design.

Wire Tie Down

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