COBAflex® Retainers

All of our retainers can be augmented through our innovative COBAflex® technology which bonds high quality, non-woven fleece to an extruded retainer to create sewable upholstery trim. Used for front seat applications, COBAflex® attaches the trim cover to the underside of the seat pan, or can clip onto the wire frame.

Our unique design helps to reduce the amount of premium car seat material that is required, which in turn removes additional sewing operations for our customers, accelerating assembly times. Different fleece flange widths are available to suit every application. COBAflex® can be lasered, punched (either pneumatic or hydraulic) and printed in-line.


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COBAflex® MultiClip

Based on the successful COBAflex® technology, COBAflex® MultiClip allows a virtually limitless range of configurations to suit any seat frame design. A flexible extruded trim retainer bonded onto fleece, this modular design is aimed at reducing inventory SKU’s and assembly time.

Designed to be a less complex and more functional “all-rounder” trim retainer, it is able to be clipped directly onto wire, rather than onto fabric. Our universal MultiClip part is compatible with any seat frame design.

Clip2Un-Clip Ratio

COBAflex® MultiClip has achieved a desirable 1:4 Clip2Un-Clip Ratio when clipped to the wire frame. Meaning it would take 4 times as much force to un-clip the retainer once it has been clipped into place, ensuring a secure fit.


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