Automotive Seating & Interior

The supplier of choice for plastic seating components

COBA Automotive is a globally trusted partner for many new automotive seating projects. We offer one of the largest ranges of automotive trim retainers using the latest precision technologies. Our growing moulding capabilities mean that we can also provide injection and over-moulded parts for automotive seat gap fillers.

Trim Retainers

One of the largest ranges of seating trim retainers in Europe – over 2000 approved parts.

Use TrimExpert to find the right solution for your project.

Trim Retainers


Trim retainers bonded to non-woven fleece.

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Tie Down

Fleece bonded to PP bead, Steel Wire, and Double retention.

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Flat Strips

Flat strips are the simplest extruded profile we create for the automotive industry. Used to support the seat structure and cover, as well as ensure a consistent and attractive finish.


We offer a design service to suit your application with a range of moulded / metal end fixing clips available. All parts are fully assembled and tensile testing is available in house.

Map Pocket

Map Pockets

We can produce moulded and extruded map pocket surrounds for the rear of car seats, in numerous materials and for most modern vehicle types.

Moulded Components

COBA’s injection and overmoulding capabilities enable us to supply moulded parts that act as gap fillers, fasteners and pins for a variety of seating and interior applications.

A range of adhesive tapes and coatings can be added to these products if required.

Moulded Components


Solid round profiles (Rod) provide support within the seat cover structure, while still maintaining flexibility.


Piping (also known as Welt or Cord) is used in automotive seat production to provide the seams between panels, giving each seat profile and definition, as well as a decorative design aspect.