COBAflex® Retainers

COBAflex® solutions can feature any trim retainer bonded onto a non-woven fleece. Used for front seat applications, it attaches the trim cover to the underside of the seat pan. Our innovative design helps to reduce the amount of premium car seat material that is required removing additional sewing operations for our customers. COBAflex® can be lasered, punched (either pneumatic or hydraulic) or injection moulded.


COBAflex® MultiClip

COBAFlex Multiclip

Based on the successful COBAflex® technology, COBAflex® MultiClip allows a virtually limitless range of configurations to suit any seat frame design. A flexible extruded trim retainer bonded onto fleece, the modular design is aimed at reducing inventory SKU’s and assembly time.

  • Economical ‘infinite length’ retainer system design primarily for rear seat systems
  • Simple to use on all wire framework
  • Extensive punch and laser options to suit your project
  • Extruded rather than Moulded – limits the need for costly tooling
  • 1:4 Clip2Unclip Ratio – ensures easy fitting and reliable grip
  • Extensively developed and tested to ensure performance reliability